January 02, 2013

It's finally 2013! I was literally revising for my exams entering the New Year which is quite sad. One more year of uni and I'm free but for now, I've got to keep studying, and hopefully it will all pay off! 
I can't wait for January to be over so I can focus a bit more on blogging, I felt the last 2 months of 2012 I was slacking on the blog posts. 

One of my best buys of 2012 has to be this leather sleeve jacket that I purchased in December from River Island. I know, I'm clearly obssessed with leather sleeved jackets/coats!!
It looks almost identical to the ones Zara sell right now. I took advantage of the 25% off student discount offer they were doing for one day only! I've been wearing this jacket none stop!

The jacket has now sold out online as it went down to almost half price! I'm sure if I waited until boxing day sales to buy it, I would not own this jacket lol.

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  1. aah its amazing! have to admit im kinda jealous hehe :-)

  2. now that is such a great jacket , i love it xoxo


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