As 2012 Comes To An End ..

December 31, 2012

Here are just a few outfits I've worn this year. My colour palette has been quite dark and neutral for most of the year which will most definitely carry on into 2013 lol.  
I'm not really going for that "new year, new me" thing as I think I'm happy the way I am! I just hope next year just gets better and that's about it! I'm just thankful that I'm alive right now!  
Looking back at my blog this time last year, I can say it has definitely grown and improved. It's allowed me to network and in a way, become more social and meet great new people. I hope you guys as my readers have enjoyed reading what I post! Happy New Year! x

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  1. i really love your style! cool looks hehe

  2. Love your blog keep doing what you do, happy new year x

  3. Happy New Year!
    Love your style and look forward too more fabby looks in 2013.


  4. Love your style you always look amazing! Keep up the blogging this year, as i love your posts, hope you have a fantastic year


  5. I love your style! Happy New Year and can't wait for your blog posts for 2013! x


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