Winter Boots

November 20, 2012

Left to right; Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Cheap Monday via Asos

I have three pairs of shoes that I wear non stop this autumn/winter, firstly because they are black;; I like my shoes to go with nearly everything in my wardrobe which is why I tend to go for black shoes most of the time, I'm obsessed! Secondly, they are all so bloody comfortable! I'm always at uni most of the week so I need shoes that can cause me no harm lol!

I'm a big fan of Chelsea boots, I love the masculinity of them, I had to throw my old pair away as they were in a terrible condition (letting rain in and all sorts) and so I brought new ones from Topshop. It didn't take me long to break into them but I was scared to wear them firstly!
The boots in the middle are from Urban Outfitters by the brand, Deena Ozzy. The original price of these is ridiculous to be honest; £95!! They are real leather but, that seems so much for very casual looking boots. I waited so long to see if they would go on sale and they finally did, but I decided to wait for their 20% off sale item offer that they usually do. The offer popped up eventually and the boots reduced further to £40, so I ended up getting them for £32, bargain if you ask me! 
Lastly are my Cheap Monday boots, I never thought that I would end up wearing heeled shoes such as these to uni, but they are so comfy, that it is actually possible!

If you're looking for the perfect winter boots, definitely visit Asos or Topshop they always have the best shoes!

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  1. Love all 3 pairs! I recently just bought some new things for my room and it was then that I realized I have wayyy to many black shoes! But you can never go wrong with black :)

  2. I love them all but my favourite's are the Deena Ozzy pair from Urban Outfitters.
    I am in desperate need of some black boots .

    x Katie

  3. I adore winter boots, theyre so comfy!


  4. I'm the same way I buy more black shoes more than any other colors, but I also hate paying a lot of money for shoes too sales are my bestfriends.

  5. Love all the boots especially the Cheap Monday pair


  6. You now have a new stalker of style (:

  7. Love the UO and cheap mondas ones!


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