November 14, 2012

We (Pause Magazine), are almost ready to release the second issue (Winter 2012) and we can't wait! We learnt so much during the production of the first issue and are hoping that this next issue is even better!
I have now been given the role as junior fashion editor and I'm frankly very grateful! Just before we called it a wrap with all the photo shoots , interview and articles for the magazine, I had to take up the role as head stylist for our last photo shoot! I was slightly nervous because I wasn't sure whether I'd have enough time to pull clothes for the shoot because of uni, but all went well at the end of the day!
I got the chance to style the gorgeous model Chuck, (he has the most amazing eyes!)
We also interviewed our style icon of the season, who will be featured in the mag.

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  1. This has given me so much inspiration, great pics :)


  2. So exciting! I want that backpack and those loafers . Congratulations!

    PS: The model is sooo gorgeous!

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  4. Love the look of this shoot and those guys look gorgeous!


  5. CONGRATS on the new position!!! loving the shoot..
    Abi xo


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