November 10, 2012

  Jumper - ASOS, Skirt - ASOS, Trousers - Topshop
I'm definitely digging the houndstooth pattern print right now. I adore monochrome colour so I guess that is why I'm drawn to this print. I've just received a jumper and midi skirt from ASOS in the houndstooth pattern, and I'm loving them! Are you loving or hating houndstooth print?

I'm sorry for not posting in a while, the uni workload just keeps increasing and that means more focus on my work and less focus on my blog! By the time I get home I just want to sleep :( 
I will be posting a lot in the next two days as I finally have a bit of time off of uni!

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  1. I have those Topshop trousers! they're such a lovely shape, very similiar to the AA pants, when looking at the figure hugging booty boosting powers, haha!

    Love both other items too, I'm a sucker for midi skirts! x

  2. Ugh I cannot get enough of Houndstooth! I was contemplating getting the Topshop houndstooth skirt but after seeing this asos one I might change my mind.

  3. i've always loved houndstooth, purely for the lack of colour. i have a really nice houndstooth blazer, but i'm not sure i suit the padded shoulders! i'm going to have to experiment with my entire wardrobe and see if i can make it work...

    i'm really into the skirt though, pencil skirts have become my new obsession. they make my legs and ass look so nice!

  4. loving all the houndstooth pieces, cannot wait to see how you style em.


  5. there's an amazing dog/houndstooth peplum shirt on ASOS that I need!



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