Cheap Monday

October 14, 2012

I've been eyeing these heeled boots on Asos by Cheap Monday for the longest time. The price is what was putting me off from buying them, because they're quite pensive! It got to the point where I really need black heeled boots for the Look show, so had a look at them on Asos (the shoes were always in the back of my mind), it was almost sold out! The last size remaining was my size so I justify the purchase by blaming it on fate lol! It turned out that I had bought the last pair as they were completely sold after I ordered them. 
They are so comfortable and I've worn them to uni once. I know I've said that I would only stick to flat shoes when it comes to uni, but I couldn't resist wearing these! They are my staple shoes for a/w!

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  1. I love these...worth the money I think! xxx

  2. love these..i have all the cheap monday boots in my ASOS saved items..
    hoping for the day they do a sale! loool

  3. LOVE.......wooow...great shoes.


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