Pause Magazine - Redefining Male Fashion

September 12, 2012

A few months back, I was contacted by the Editor & Founder of Pause Magazine (Men's Fashion), Johnson Gold, asking me to join the team as an Editorial Assistant. I was agreed as I've always wanted to get involved with a fashion magazine! As I'm more interested in women fashion, I didn't know what to expect as the magazine is based on men.
Now I have grown to love men's fashion for what it is and I hope magazines such as Pause can help bring men's fashion into the limelight more. 

Pause had just been a website, so it was not yet a magazine; but all that would change very soon! We started working on our first published autumn issues through summer to release this month and we have succeeded! So above is the official front cover which I absolutely loveee! Our cover boy shoot by Christina Ebenezer, is lyrical genius Mikill Pane who we have also interviewed along with stylist, Shai Spooner (stylist to Fazer & Dappy from the former group N-Dubz) and also Boy London!

We will soon be getting to work on the winter issue which will be out later this year. That means more interviews, style guides, street style, and many photo shoots, I can't wait! 

You can find PAUSEmag on where you can view the magazine digitally. The magazine itself is completely free and is available to order on line. We will also be distributing the magazine around Central London and at events such as LFW! 

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  1. wow,
    You being offered this job is absolutely amazing!

  2. Looks amazing! Love Mikill Pain after checking him out from one of your previous posts :) What a lucky, talented lady you are!




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