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September 08, 2012

I've been trying to keep the spending low but, I have been a bit cheeky and bought three 'want but you don't need' items! Confessions of a shopaholic.

Denim Jacket - Romwe
So i ordered this jacket from Romwe but was slightly disappointed as it wasn't exact;y over sized as described and the acid wash colour was way darker than the picture on their website here. I was thinking of returning but because its from China, there really is no point! I like the jacket but for me its a bit too fitted but I can work with it!

Studded Clutch - Select
As you guys may have seen from an earlier post, I do own the black version of this clutch. I wasn't too keen on this colour at first but, I thought I might as well purchase it because all the clutches I currently own are black!

Studded Canvas Shoes - Matalan
This was definitely a random buy, they just reminded me of these Christian Louboutin spiked canvas sneakers that I'm in love with, and so I thought why not lol!

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  1. I actually love those studded shoes, how much did they cost? Matalan's usually quite cheap isn't it? :)



  2. love the bag!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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