LFW Experience: Day One

September 14, 2012

I was luckily invited to two shows for the first day of LFW and they were Zoe Jordan and Bora Aksu. To my disappoint after waiting and waiting to get into Zoe Jordan, I was among the many invitees who were not able to watch the  catwalk show as the venue got packed out. Why invite so many people then?! that was annoying.
I wasn't really feeling my outfit so I went home to change in time for the Bora Aksu show. I took the most rubbish pictures at the show ever shocking lol (my bad for using a 50mm lens)!
I still haven't been able to receive a blogger press pass which is a repeat of February's LFW *sigh*.

What I'm Wearing: Jumper, Trousers, Bag - H&M, Shoes - ASOS

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  1. Seeing all the LFW posts are making me so jealous. Looks so much fun



  2. the print of your trousers is very cool.

    J x

  3. love this outfit! that bag is gorgeous!

  4. your style and blog is sooooo fantastic...follow you for a long time...and I support you on my blog......and on instagram;-)


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