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September 10, 2012

Parka Jacket, Bag - Zara, Leather Jacket - Matalan, Cardigan, Hat, Scarf - H&M, Jeans, Studded Flats, TShirt - Topshop, Leather Trousers - Jane Norman, Loafers - Asos

The start of the new university term is close approaching and so its time to get the 'essentials' ready in my wardrobe! At the end of the day, I go to uni to study science, so I never feel the need dress up too much (if I was a student at a fashion uni/college, it would be a very different story). However, I still want to look stylish!

Outerwear: Jackets such as leather and lightweight parka jackets can instantly add a stylish vibe to a casual look, so for me these are definitely essentials. They are also perfect for autumn as they're not too thick. 
When winter does reach, coats can come into the picture such as wool and thick parka coats. If coats are not your thing, you can always layer shirts and jumpers underneath to keep warm! 
Whilst the weather is still 'warm', you could probably get away with a thick knitted jumper of cardigan.

Trousers/Jeans: For me, leather trousers and skinny jeans will be my best friends over autumn/winter! 
You can't go wrong with a pair of skinny jeans in different washes as they go with everything! 
Also, now that a lot of high street stores are bringing out faux leather trousers they will be great for the colder times and they are super stylish well, in my opinion :)

Tops: My mum gets annoyed when I buy a white t-shirt as she says I have way too much (guilty). 
A white t-shirt is like the 'base structure' (haha) to my outfits most of the time. The most versatile clothing item! 

Accessories: A big bag is a big essential for when you're in education. You need a bag strong enough to hold all of them books, and that means its got to be big! My Zara bag will definitely be very useful for university as it is ginormous! 
You can find similar bags on eBay for good prices.
I'm one of those people who will always wear a scarf but not for its actually purpose, I just like them hanging around my neck lol! Snoods are nice also, no fuss! Hats are definitely great for those days when you're rushing out and didn't spend time on your hair! Beanies and bowler ahts will be my go to.

Shoes: Flat shoes are the way forward. I mean, I have come across a few girls in heels in uni before,
 but I'm sure you'd want to be comfortable going back and forth from uni/college!
 Loafers, trainers and Chelsea boots,  are my main go to shoes for uni.

The outfits that I photographed are mainly neutral and low key in terms of colour, but these are just the basics!
 It's nice to add a pop of colour to a causal outfit such as wearing a bright top or jacket.

I hope that this post was useless to an univeristy/college students :)

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  1. Soooo nice! love it all! im still jealous of your zara bag :) x

  2. This is marvelous! This is exactly the kind of things I want to use this autumn/winter to come :) oh well, except the flats they're not really my thing. I kinda tend to be a little dark color person when the cold season comes but I guess it's the weather that influences the clothes and the styling. I loved this post :)

  3. Amazing style!
    Great post aswell, needed some ideas starting uni in 4 days and need to find some "causal but stylish" outfits!!
    Where did you get the white tee/ vest from btw or do you know where i can get a slouchy one from? have been looking for ages but can only seem to find tight white vests!

    1. Hey there! Thank you! The white tee is from Topshop! xx

  4. You're getting some really great stuff from Matalan recently non?! :)
    Love this post, makes me want to go shopping and use it as like...a checklist haha.



  5. Although the jacket with the leather sleeves does seem to be every where
    and everybody does have it -
    omg I still need one!

  6. I love your style! I actually own everything in the first photograph, bar the scarf!
    Also, thank you so much for posting the ASOS loafers. I've been looking all over for a pair exactly like that. They're a really good quality, especially for being £22! I'm definitely going to invest in a pair! x


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