ASOS x Company

September 24, 2012

I'd just like to share a part of my current inspiration with you guys! I really enjoy reading the monthly issues of ASOS & Company Magazine. I think that both really reach out to the younger audience,. as their layouts are appealing and there's always something fun and interesting to read. I love how Company have started to include street style snaps and have already featured fashion bloggers in their issues also which is really great!
I find that they also give me interesting ideas for blog posts also.
These are definitely two magazine's that I always get my hands on every month. However, ASOS mag is harder to get , I signed up to their premier scheme so I have every issue delivered to me for free!

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  1. I love Company magazine too, especially with the new layout, and the blogger features like you've mentioned :)

    Tor @ That's Peachy Fashion & Beauty Blog xx

  2. Love the new company layout and ASOS is always amazing!
    Well done on your More! magazine feature, I was so excited haha :)

    Dakota at

  3. Only discovered Company this year but I'm loving it so far!

  4. Company is a definite fav.

    J x


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