Wednesday's Wants

August 01, 2012

Pinch punch, first day of the month! The year is going so fast I'm trying to keep up! 
I spent so long wishing for the summer heat to come and take over for a month or two and the weather has let us down greatly! Now I'm ready for Autumn!! I can't wait to start layering again! Here are a few items I'm lusting over this week, some great for the next season.

1. Camo Jacket With Leather Sleeves - Topshop
2. BodySuit - Topshop
3. Oversized Jacket/Blazer - Topshop
4. Loose Shorts - Topshop
5. Flatfom Canvas Shoes - ASOS
6. Thread Cross Bracelet - ASOS
7. Textured Purse - Gina Tricot
8. Textured Small Bag - Gina Tricot

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  1. I want that pu sleeved jacket sooo much!

  2. literally love all of these! xx

  3. Love the delicate cross bracelet, and I want a khaki contrast sleeve jacket sooo bad!


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