Shoe Lust

August 30, 2012

1. Dessa Boot - Nelly
2. Amazon Leather Studded Biker Boots - Asos
3. Spike Loafers - Nelly
4. Leather Nike Hi-Top Blazers - Asos
5. Point Court Heels - Nelly
6. Cut Out Detail Wedges - Nelly
7. Vancouver Flatforms - Asos

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  1. Love number 2, need to get a pair of boots like this...but with a bit more of a heel I think! :)

  2. Very good shoes collection. I like this so much.
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  3. So cool shoes collection, I like the white high heels so much, thanks for sharing. Womens High Heel Pumps

  4. Love 5,so cool,thinks for sharing!


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