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August 03, 2012

Yesterday I went to Surrey with the magazine team to pay a visit to Musician/Songwriter Mikill Pane at his studio. I won't dwell too much into what we did put the day was fun and productive and hopefully the outcome is amazing! Mikill was such a cool guy and if you haven;t of him, I recommend looking him up on youtube and having a listen to his work. The studio we were in is actually where Ed Sheeran  recorded some of his music!
I would also love to own a house in Surrey one day, such a chill place, I had to take a few pictures whilst we were walking also!

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  1. surrey looks amazing, i'd love to go/live there!
    that guy is famous, how are you not going crazyyyyyy

  2. OMG JEL!
    love Mr.Pane, very witty guy.

    J x


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