Autumn/Winter 2012

August 24, 2012

The new season is almost here! Flicking through fashion magazines and they’re already giving us the low down on what’s hot this coming season. I'm not one to follow trends 100%, but if I really like a trend, I'll rock it out! Any trend that I like, would be worn all year round to be honest!
So, there are a few trends, key pieces I'm liking the look of ...

This is my favourite trend! I feel that it's very empowering *plays Hard - Rihanna*. Key pieces; Leather trousers and Parka/military jacket!

Black Leather
Nothing is better than a little 'all black everything' day here and then! Key pieces; Leather trousers/jacket/boots

Geometric Print
Prints creating an optical illusion ,, straight up cool! Key pieces; Graphic patterned suit.

It looks like floral is sticking around! I adore floral prints. I'll definitely be on the lookout for printed trousers to wear when it gets cold. Key Pieces; Floral printed anything!

This trend is definitely an all season trend for me, another one of my favourites. Who knew dressing like a guy would be so trendy! Key Pieces, Oversized coats, tailored trousers.

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