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July 20, 2012

Everyone who knows me, knows about my love for Kanye West!! I mean, some may find him rude, big headed etc, but I just adore the guy! So when I saw this t-shirt a while back in Primark I just HAD to have it, its definitely on the list of my fave tops. 
I've finally got the chance to wear my acid wash 'baseball' cap and I love how it compliments my hair bun lol! I also recently brought a pair of pointed court heels from primark for an impressive £10 which was a great bargain. However, walking in them is suprisingly a myth, I've never felt so awkward walking in heels until I wore these! I don't the heel itself was made right!! 
Finally the weather is warming up and it shall be very hot for the rest of the week woohoo! I just want nice sun kissed skin  to be honest!

Kanye Top - Primark (Mens)
Side Bag - eBay
Heels - Primark
Sunglasses - RayBans
Jeans -Topshop

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  1. I wanted to get to get those heels, but the way I was walking in them when I put them on I just sadly put them back on the shelves lol...x


  2. Love this! I'm always finding gems in the Mens section of Primark!


  3. That t-shirt is fantastic. I love Kanye too.

  4. woow great shirt and cap!!

  5. i love the entire outfit; i would wear it myself x



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