Waiting On Summer To Arrive ...

June 16, 2012

So I was obviously very bored when I decided to do this but I love seeing these kind of pictures on Tumblr. I might start doing stuff like this more often for 'different ways to wear this' posts, what do you all think?
These are the shorts that I quickly DIYd in one of my other recent posts, I think I have enough denim shorts for now! I can not wait to start wearing my neon yellow heels, the sun just needs to make a semi permanent appearance so they can coe out and play! I think they're are best styled any denim bottom half (jeans, denim shorts etc) and a plain white tee or vest so all the attention wouuld be on the shoes!
I just recently brought a pair RayBan wayfarer sunglasses. I must say that wayfarers are my favourite style of glasses.

I really wish I could attend some Men's collection fashion shows this week but work gets in the way as usual! However, I'm ready for what ever LFW in September has to bring!

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  1. Love the photo! And I need those shoes!

  2. Love that this outfit is simple but still nice. Love the shoes, they remind me of something Rihanna would wear :) xx


  3. Love your blog when-spring-arrives.blogspot.com

  4. I picked up those shoes in H&M a week ago but I'm so skint I have to sell them ARGGHHH!!!!!! Great outfit though, better get sunnier soon :)

    F X


  5. I love how simple this outfit is, <3 the ray-bans as well. Wish there was weather to wear them in England!

  6. I love your look! Graet blog! I am now following ;)


  7. Love this, can't wait to wear my neon heels, trying to be a good girl and save them for my graduation.

    Hopefully, I'll be able to attend LFW tis year for the first time, when do you think is the best time to start to apply for a press pass?


  8. You and me both mate...


  9. Cute outfit! xo http://mellowusu.blogspot.dk/


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