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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Denim Jacket - eBay, Jumper - H&M, Leather Trousers - Jane Norman, Shoes - DaisyStreetShoes

For the longest time possible I've been on a hunt for faux leather trousers, everywhere I would look to they were no longer avaiable until I stumbled across a pair from Jane Norman in House of Fraser! I wear them as much as I can as I know when the sun & heat come out t play for a while, these bad boys will have to stay in the wardrobe for a while.

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  1. Weather is so crappy in London at the moment but at least it's not too hot for leather trousers. Can't believe these came from Jane Norman!! Love it.

    F X


  2. love the trousers...jane norman- who knew!
    how do you get the effect of two photos in one by the way? is it photoshop?



  3. wheres the watch from? its lovely!

  4. Ah I got some fake leather trousers a while ago and have been wearing them religiously!

  5. I want to try out leather trousers even more seeing this look it's a look I must try in the fall we're melting in Michigan

  6. I love this look!
    I love how you paired denim with leather, it really works well together!
    Your knitwear also looks great within this look.. I love it!

    Chloe Polo

  7. Swag!


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