June 28, 2012

 Snakeskin/Yellow/Black/Tan Heels & Burgundy Shopper Bag from ZARA. Buckle detail sandal heels from TOPSHOP

I'm not a person who tends to wear heels however, I seem to have picked up an obsession with them lately. Heels that I would once say 'eww' to, I now love. A perfect example would be heeled sandals, they are amazing but if you asked for my pion on them a year ago, no way!
 I've brought 5 pairs of heels in the last 2 weeks someone help me .. please? 
I'm only showiing three as the other two are quite simple, you know, nothing special. 

I'm so happy ith my Zara buys as these two items have been on my wanted list for a while and were so hard to find. Bearing in mind the heels are 2 sizes too big, you could never tell though! The bag was so hard to find as the label says its from the S/S 2011 collection!

There were a pair heels that I had been on a hunt for, the 'Perspex Metallic Topshop heels' (pictured below) which were selling out like that *clicks fingers* I couldn't get a hold of them anywhere.
I then came across the last pair in Stratford Westfield Topshop and they were in my siz, how weird right? My luck was cut short as the sales assistant couldn't find the other half of the pair in the stock room!!! I was disappointed as they were on sale as well! *sigh*. I'll find them again one day ...

Images from Topshop

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  1. That BAGGGG!!! I've been umming & arring about getting one for sooo long! Lucky girl xx

  2. love the zara shoes and bag! xx

  3. wow so many new pairs of lovely shoes!

  4. Ohhhh that bag has just ended up in my wish list for next month!

  5. I wanted the lime snakeskin ones, but couldn't find my size *sigh*, <3 the burgundy bag!

  6. I actually tried on the Perspex Metallic Topshop heels in Lakeside they're gorgeous to look at and very comfortable but I am so fussy and thought it wouldn't suit me lol. x

  7. ooo you picked up some lovely bits.

    J x

  8. I want all of these heels, especially the ZARA snake print ones...x

  9. i totally understand what you mean about heels! ihave always preferred trainers/converses, but i'm slowly coming around to heels - even did a post about it on my blog!


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