June 10, 2012

I've been looking for the perfect gold curb chain and bracelet for a while. Now that I have find more than enough I am satisfied! The first two curb bracelets are from ASOS and came in a 2-pack. They are also available in silver. The curb chain came with a matching braclet and I purchased this from eBay for under a tenner!

These two items were purchased from Topshop. These are definitely my favourite purchases of June so far. I saw the trousers a few weeks ago and died inside when I saw it store I turned the price tag around to see the price and stepped back a little and left the store!I kept on thinking about the trousers and even went online to see they had completely sold out! Now that I do have them I'm content. I also brought he acid wash cap the same day as the trousers, just something different to your usual hat, very 'vintage' looking and I love anything in acid wash.

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  1. love the gold chains! I've been scanning for the perfect one too, and this is! I purchased one from Topshop, but it really isn't the same..

  2. I love gold curb chains, I have a bracelet but I've been wanting to get a chain for ages!

  3. Maaaaaan those trousers are fucking hot! You can never have enough gold curb chains in your life either !

    F X

  4. the chains sick, the trousers awesome and the hat cannot wait to see how you style it.

    J x


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