New Camera || Canon EOS 1100D

June 07, 2012

I decided to sell my Fujifilm bridge camera as I felt that it wasn't the most user friendly camera about. The decision to move onto a DSLR was quite immediate to be honest, as just a few weeks ago, I ruled it out and this week I was read to jump into the deep end and buy it! 

I can't put this thing down, honestly, there's so much to learn! The 1100D has been described as the DSLR that is best for beginners in the Canon range. I was going to go for the 600D but the price is steep and I'm not exactly a professional photographer! I would definitely recommend this to anyone, it's very user friendly!

I just hope you guys will enjoy looking at more vivid, high quality pictures on my blog. I have to teach my sister the basics of how to use the camera so she can take my outfit pictures, oh no. :(

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  1. This is the camera that I use too! It's awesome :D


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