June 02, 2012

I remember when I first caught glimpse of these neon heeled sandals on the H&M website and I contemplated about ordering them. I check back the next day to see it sold out. That hit me like a tonne of bricks! I started to see a lot fashion bloggers sporting them which didn't help! Then about a week ago I went to Stratford Westfield and popped into H&M only to see a few of the infamous shoes on a shelf! I was too excited and quickly snatched them up. Usually, I prefer heels that I quite tall (5inches +). To be honest, I really don't when I'll wear these, but I know they'll become useful sooner or later!

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  1. These shoes are amazing. I don't see them in France yet

  2. wow
    so obsessing over these right now

  3. I love these shoes! I'm not usually a neon footwear fan, I get 1980's fancy dress flash backs but these are lovely. They are so simple and understated, very jealous!



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