DIY || Denim Shorts

June 15, 2012

I just recently recieved a pair of vintage Levi 501s that I purchased from the best of the best .. eBay for about £5! Can someone say bargain?! I originally wanted to wear them as high wasited jeans but I prefer when they are tapered rather than just loose and baggy. These where loose baggy at the ends and they ust look weird on me! So I just decided to carry out the easiest DIY in the world and cut them into shorts. I actually prefer them as shorts they jsut fit right.
I don't own a studded pair of denim shorts so I may look for another pair of jeans or short on eBay, and stud those. My denim shorts collection will then be complete!

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  1. I am literally just on my way to find some vintage levis on ebay because of this post! Those shorts look like they're brand new xx

  2. Hi :) Can you just tell me what is the size of this jeans ?
    Thanks xx


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