Casual Floral

May 02, 2012

My obsession over florals increases everyday, I had to take my floral trousers out for a ride. I wore this outfit to uni the other day and I must say, I had a lot of eyes on me, whether for a postive or negative reason, I dont care! This was definitely the simplest way I could rock these trousers! The weather that was very nice but has obviously plummeted again! I'm not much of a summer lover, but this year I'm actually looking forward to the season I dread most!

What are you wearing?
Jacket - H&M
TShirt - Topshop
Trousers - H&M
Boots - Daisystreetshoes

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  1. I bet you have every girl's eyes on you! you look absolutely stunning, I love the casual but still some elegance due to the flowers pants :) love love love!*

  2. Gorgeous trousers. I tried them on but unfortunately didn't look good on me but you look great!

  3. Loving the whole digi-floral trend, these trousers are stunning! Love the colours in this outfit!

  4. u styled these pants perfectly, it looks fab dear! x

  5. lovely outfit xx

  6. really love your style:))))and that trousers are awesome!!!:)

  7. I LOOOOOVE your pants and your blog nothing to say.

    I follow you ;).


  8. Love the outfit could you please do a post on the lipsticks you wear there gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!


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