Black Shoes, Black Shoes.

May 14, 2012

Looking at my shoe collection, I've noticed I buy shoes in one particular colour .. BLACK. I like to play it safe when it comes to shoes, but I think this time around, I want to start branching out and going for brighter colours!
These are a few of my favourites at the moment (that I tend to reach for the most). I really want a pair of neon yellow shoes, those must be my next purchase!

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  1. all of my shoes are black. apart from maybe three pairs?
    i LOVE those riding boots! i'm actually looking for some to use for showing (where did you get them from? real horse boots are expensive, ha!)

    and i still need to purchase some brogues. i feel left out of life!

  2. I love!!!
    I love how you also got the suede and leather spiked Topshop loafer's! Such a good idea for these rainy days!
    Lovely blog! & Thanks so much for your comment on my blog! Please follow if you likey! lol :)

    Tolu x


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