Style Stalk - Rita Ora

April 27, 2012

Sexy senorita will feel her aura! Rita Ora is the talk of the town at the moment after hiding away in the studios working on her debut album for a few years, she's finally coming out of her shell into the spotlight! While she is super talented, her current music may not be for everyone but she definitely makes up for it in the fashion department. With a style not to be reckoned with, you can't help but wonder who exactly is her amazing stylist! 

The best way to describe her style, is EDGY as she has said her style "doesn’t really have any boundaries" just like her style inspiration Gwen Stefani. Her bold lashes, curly blonde hair and bright red lips are a fashion statement on their own!. 

Rita's style is somewhat laid back with no rules so you may catch her wearing a mini skirt with a pair of Jordan's!. Her style is totally up my alley, I've noticed we both share the same love for beanie hats! Thumbs up for Rita!

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