April 01, 2012

(R-L; Ring, Earrings x2 - Topshop)
Pinch punch first day of the month!
Skulls. Hmm some people (including my mum) think they are devilish, or bad & and some people (including me) think they are kind of cool? Lol. I'm slowly bulidng a gold skull jewellery collection my mum has a problem but tbh I dont really care! I'm not a devil worshipper or anything like that, its all about fashion when it comes to skulls for me! There have been many times I've wanted to buy a top with a skull on it but I think "Hmm I might offend my mum or something lol". I want to know everyone else's opinions on 'skulls', leave some comments for me!

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  1. LOOOL! My mum is EXACTLY the same, I can't wear my skull scarf around her! Problems!


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