April 06, 2012

Blazer - Forever 21, T-Shirt - Zara, Jeans - H&M, Shoes - Converse

So lately I've been obsessing over Givenchy clothing. If my wardrobe was to consist of only one high end brand it would be GIVENCHY. Riccardo Tisci is doing an amazing job I must say! What I love most about his designs are his use of wild mirrored/symmetrical prints. Its a shame not all highstreet brands haven't quite grasped the concpet yet, hopefully they do because thats all I want to be sporty during summer; striking mirror prints! I have noticed Zara mostly and Topshop are using the design concept on their clothes actually. This week I couldn't resist going into Zara , I swear i could by the whole store, everything this season is sooo appealing! The t-shirt I'm wearing is what I brought from Zara this week, I just had to have it because of the mirror print, the material and everything is just perfect. It was giving me that 'Givenchy' vibe tbh! 

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  1. I have this blazer,
    but I am just trying to find something to wear it with....
    Your outfit is super coool!
    As alwaysss

  2. Hey! miss thank you for your super lovely comment in my blog! <3 I know what you mean I think Zara is my favourite high street at the moment, the prints that they manage to copy from some designers are better than the rest of the high street! Your t shirt is lovely! You look amazing! xx


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