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March 03, 2012

Just thought I'd show my recent purchases. I've obviously failed at giving up shopping for 40 days! You guys may have seen the striped shirt in a recent OOTD. I love it to death. I purchased the shirt from Romwe, they always have nice things on there. I also brought this sleeveless mint green shirt from H&M for only £7.99! I'm going crazy for the whole pastel colour trend for spring/summer. I'm definitely looking to buy a few pastel coloured clothing soon. I also brought the American Apparel disco pants in black, they're such an investment in my eyes!

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  1. i love the striped shirt ;)

  2. I have the H&M shirt, I love it!!

  3. I'm trying to give up buying clothes for far so good!
    love the shirts


  4. Love the stripe shirt from Romwe ( They got the most AMAZING shoes) Love the minty sleeveless shirt you got from HM . My friend got them at the weekend!! And we couldn't get over the bargin of £7.99

    Such a shame you broke you're spending rule!! That is why I didn't have that for my lent rule. lolol :P
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