Kanye ..

March 23, 2012

TShirt - Primark, Parka Jacket - H&M, Jeans- H&M, Dr Martens, Leather Pouch - DIY.

Loving my new T-Shirt that I purchased fom Primark (in the men's section) as it has Kanye's beautful face printed on it! I can't wait for the Watch The Throne concert in May with him & Jay-Z. I;m truely buzzing with excitement! Can you guys believe a VIP ticket for the concert is £530?! Extortion to another level if you're asking me! I hope you guys don't mind the effects on my photos, I try to give a vintage feel to them, kind of weird but yes lol.

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  1. Love this, especially how you've toughened up the outfit with loose fitting jeans and boots :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

  2. This outfit is so cool!! I follow you.

  3. i need to get that shirt!!!


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