March 06, 2012

Levis Denim Jacket - eBay, Scarf - H&M Menswear, Hoody - Primark 

Hey guys :) hope you are all well! This is just a simple uni outfitI quickly put together. Uni is such a drag and I'm only in first year haha! I just want to be in Paris attending fashion shows right now! I've been really cheeky and have brought a few more things (tut tut Remi). I think I've found another person to put on my 'style inspiration' list .. Rita Ora, she baddd, loving her style a lot.

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  1. Loving the jacket, i'am also loving Rita Ora at the moment I love her new song r.i.p ft Tine Tempah


  2. This look is sooooo meeee toooo...minus the hat coz of my behive, me luvs it ;)

    Abi XO


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