DIY Inspiration - Slouchy Pouch Clutch

March 12, 2012

I really like the look of slouchy leather cluthes as they can be used in the day and at night. 
American Apparel sure know how to lure us in with there simple, cool but yet expensive items although there's one thing I can't see myself buying anytime soon even though I want it sooo bad! The Leather Carry-All Pouch! They come in nearly any colour possible and are just a real statement piece, however the price! .... So I was thinking why not make it myself? All I need is leather material, a zipper and a sewing machine. Sewing machine, check. Just waiting on the leather and zipper to arrive and a DIY post will soon follow!

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  1. yeaaa I want to see how you'll do ths because I am a little crazy too for these beautiful things! The leather material must be kind of hard to find but I want so bad to try this! I want to see the results! Kiss*

  2. me too, im intrigued i was just gonna buy it in black the other day but 44 pounds -____-. gonna wait for my mates discount lol *fingers and toes crossed*
    Olivia x

  3. the power of the clutch!


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