D.I.Y Carry All Pouch

March 17, 2012

So I said in an earlier post, I would be attempting to make my own American Apparel leather clutch pouch and I finally did. I say the difficulty level of making was fairly easy to be honest! Thanks to anneorshine for the DIY tutorial

What you'll need:
Faux Leather (or if you want real go for it lol)
Measuring tape/30 cm Ruler
A 16inch Zipper
A Sewing Machine

First step:
So you have to basically cut out two identically measured pieces of leather (rectangular shape). I folded the leather in half to make it easier so when I cut the shape out I can cut in half and have two pieces. I used a 30cm ruler to draw the outline with pencil. I wanted my pouch to be quite big, so I measured its width to about 16.5 inches and the height was about 12.5 iches. 

Second Step:
Next the zip has to be attatched to both pieces of leather. Place the leather pieces on either side of the zipper fabric (which should be the right side up) to check everything is lined up ok. Then you can proceed with sewing each side to the zipper fabric. 

Third Step:
Now that's done, its time to sew all the three sides that are just chilling lol. Its best to leave the zip open a bit just so its easier to turn the pouch in. Once thats done, all you have to do is pull the zip back and turn the bag in and wahla you have your own DIY carry all pouch! Mine definitely didn't turn out perfect but its perfect for me!

I'm not that great at explaining things so if you need more info check out anneorshine 's YouTube video :)

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  1. Ahh i've been meaning to make one of these for a while! Yours looks so good, mine will probably look like a 5 year old made it xx

  2. DIY is where it's at! Yours looks amazing can't wait to try this out in all colours maybe pastels! Can I ask where you purchased the faux leather from? Thanks and good job! 

  3. wow, it turned out really good.

    J x

  4. definitely a project for the weekend, the end result looks amazing!


  5. *applauds* wow well done Remi
    Olivia x

  6. Defo love the idea that you made it yourself. Considering as AA is selling it as a high price point.
    Where do you buy the faux leather from? I would love to make one in a brighter shade like hot pink, aqua or yellow..
    Hot Happenings!

  7. This is great!!! so how much do I have to pay ya to make me one of those?? lol!!
    Maybe I could give it a try, just need a sowing machine first.

    great blog btw!!! now following :)


    Diana xxx

  8. omg this is so inspiring! my favourite DIY of yours by far! x


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