Ones To Watch - LFW

February 22, 2012

Ones to Watch was a A/W 2012 catwalk showcase from four menswear designers who were chosen to win the award. The four designers were ToBeFrank, Julian Zigerli, Bodybound & Jospeh Turvey. The pictures I took were so crap because of where I was seated so I've included some professional ones.

This collection captured the essense of autumn and winter with the knits and layering. I loved the exaggeration on  the collars. I would say this collection screamed heritage and the designs were modern and kept on the safe side. Overall it was one of my favourites.

Julian Zigerli
The designer definitely though outside the box with these designs. I was impressed with the whole 'shirt-bag' design where shirts were backpacks at the same time, how cool is that?! The suttle prints and colours were appealing to the eye. There was something very 'utility' about the collection which I liked.

This was a very dramatic and eye catching collection. Bright metallics, oversized metal plated visors, lovely embellishing, PVC which overall gave a futuristic aura and look.

Joseph Turvey
Last but not least, Joesph Turvey. Definitely the brightest of the bunch. He played with the idea of channeling feminine colours and material such as pink and lace into his designs which I liked. There was an urban feel to this collecton with the use of caps. 

The talented designers all had different concepts and ways in which they portrayed A/W into their menswear. I certainly enjoyed the show!
Photography by Chloe Lock

Some pictures I took:

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