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February 13, 2012

I have given in to shopping because of the good offers I've seen online the past two weeks. Espicially on ASOS! They did a 48 hour 25% student discount offer a while back. These are my favourite pieces from what I have been buying. As you can see I brought jewellery mostly!

1. Cross Linked Bracelet - ASOS 

2. Long Cross Pendant Chain - ASOS
I'm totally obsessed with anything with a cross symbol to be honest! 

3. Moisture Renew Lipstick in Vintage Pink - ASOS
I love mauvy coloured lipsticks so this was a great buy, very moisturising! I might try some more shades.

4. Gold & Rhodium Band Rings - ASOS
I think I need more of these rings they are amazing!

5. Casio Watch - ASOS
I was contemplating on whether I should settle for this watch or buy a silver Michael Kors watch but I thought there would be no point as I don't wear silver jewellery a lot. So I settled for the cheaper alternative! I have one similar to this in gold also.

6. Speckle Tee - New Look
I've been wearing this t-shirt to death, and recieve quite a few compliments when I wear it. I might go and buy 2 more haha!

7. Bag - Zara
This bag is my new love for now, I carry it everywhere! I think I will stop using it so often to prevent it from getting damaged.

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  1. I love this oufit!
    But i tired looking on ASOS for the gold band rings, but they appeared to be sold out! how long ago did u get the gold ones!!


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