Give Me Strength

February 14, 2012

Hey fellow bloggers, I'm currently ill! I'm hardly ever sick so this sucks. So this is just a quick outfit post, you wouldn't even guess I'm sick in this picture but I am lol I had to firm it. Seeing as I'm not used to being sick I obviously went out (shame on me). I really want to go shopping on Wednesday becasue it's my day off from uni this week so I may take the risk. 

I have finally recieved my studs (I may have said that before) and decided to studd my black loafers and a plain white shirt and I am wearing them in this outfit! I will do a seperate post about them, I'm not yet satisfied with the studdings I need more to complete them! If any one has any links to website that sell them in the UK please let me know, thanks in advance :)
My eyes are literally watering as I type and my mum is currently trying to force me to swallow this disgusting medicine HELP ME :(

What are you wearing?
Blazer - H&M
Shirt - Topshop
Trousers - Select (UK Store)
Loafers - Random Shoe Shop

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  1. Lol Mum knows best! Get well soon doll xx

  2. I say your title post every morning at work lol. Getter better soon.

  3. Cute outfit; love the shoes as well


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