Style Inspiration - Angelica Blick

January 30, 2012

So this post is about who inspires me. I do have a few such as:
- The Olsen Twins    - Kanye West
- Rihanna                 - Pharrell
- Alexa Chung          - Teyana Taylor
However there is one woman (fellow fashion/personal style blogger) who simply amazes me with her effortless androgynous style and she is Angelica Blick. I first saw her face & outfits popping up on tumblr a lot, and I was so curious as to who she was as the random here and there pictures on tumblr were somewhat inspiring. I finally got a hold of her blog more than a year ago and I have religously been reading it ever since! 

*Warning this post includes a lot pictures, these belong to Angelica Blick -

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  1. Your inspiration list is perfect, Alexa Chung + Pharrell + Teyana Taylor = love! x

  2. I love her too!

  3. interesting variety of images chosen.

  4. Beautiful, she has great style, thanks for sharing :D

  5. I love her! She rocks!*

  6. BLOGS very beautiful invite you to visit my website


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