Most Wanted

January 29, 2012

These pieces have caught my eye lately and I really do hope I can purchase them soon! I need more tops than I need trousers to be hoenst, once you have at least two pairs of favourite jeans you're good haha! 

1. Tshirt Style Crop Top - Topshop. I think this would look great with anything high-waisted such as maxi skirts, jeans, trousers.
2. Acid Wash Denim Jumper - Topshop. I'm actually in love with this jumper, looking at it, I've already come up with 6 different ways to wear it. I must own this! I'm all for acid wash anything right about now (taking it back to the 80's).
3. Kanye West Tee -  River Island. Yes, my love for Kanye West is immense to the point where I could actually marry him now. That is all!
4. Silver Band Rings - ASOS. I've been looking for this type of ring for agessss so I'm glad I've found them..I usually where gold jewellery only but silver pieces are really catching my eye now-a-days. I love the simplicity of the style of ring.
5. Spike Bracelet - ASOS. Just another silver piece I'm loving right now especially because its spiked!
6. Basket Shopper Bag - Zara. I've been on the hunt for a very plain but chic looking black bag and I think I've definitely found it. In person its huge! Just what I need for uni. Perfecto.
7. Black & White Striped Blouse - River Island. Apart for acid wash, black and white stripes are totally doing it for me. It has a nice simple cut to it and I can see myself wesring this with a lot of things I own, including my beloved Spike Litas!

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  1. yes yes Remi, i got the white crop top and all i was thinking of was reliving my obsession with Aaliyah, high waist straight leg denim, disco pants. love it Olivia xx

    1. Aww she was a beaut, I love how versatile the top can be! Definitely a must have for summer! xx

  2. This selection is doing a lot for me! Love IT x

  3. I really love that sara bag too, I'm saving up to get me one :D

    1. It's sooo lush,I just purchased it! xx


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