Jeffrey Campbell Spkie Litas!

January 24, 2012

 This purchase was sooo not planned but it had to be mine! So on Friday (20th) I decided to go to Oxford Street to look around and maybe buy a few things, I was in Topshop for the longest time ever and I was about to leave but decided to take a look at the shoe department (as I was thinking of buying the vectra spike loafers again because I'm that obsessed!) I had the vectra loafers in my hand and walked into the Office shoes section & there they were, nicely displayed with the rest of the newest JC shoes out, JC Spike Litas!!I literally threw the vectras in a corner somewhere better believe lol! I brought the last one that day, so I was quite lucky, & was told that they were brought out an hour before I came! I can't stop wearing them around the house, they are way more beautiful in person also! If you are looking fot these shoes check out any local Office stores or check them out online :D

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. lool best believe you threw those vectras, these are amazing!!!! Olivia x

    1. Haha thank you darling! These over the vectras anyday! :) xx

  2. These are beautiful. Office have only just released the new JCs, I really want a pair of Nightwalks!

  3. I am well jel lol. Love it they are beautiful.

  4. ohh shit ! i need them too :D

  5. gorgeous litas! now following :)

  6. They are GORGEOUS!!! I luuurv the spikes

  7. STUD IN THE CITY!! Love these!! I defo want a pair of LITA's. Infact i need a pair!!

    As for the vectra spike loafers I like dearly. Tried to get a pair last year the old version but was sold out in every store I went too. Then the newer version came out. Which I thought I must buy.. But size 5 is too tight and size 6 is too loose.. I'm usually a size 6 in shoes. But to get a smaller size and mess up my foot is a no goer for me. Yet size 6 will be like slippers. So i guess it wasn't meant to be.. *sulks*



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