Shoes of 2012

January 01, 2012

 Happy New Years Eve my fellow bloggers! I hope the New Year 2012 gives each and everyone of you happiness and all things positive in life!

I'm not much of a saver when it comes to money unfortunately but in 2012 I plan to save a lot and stop having unessessry shopping sprees! It will be hard but I will try! Although I have made a list of SHOES that I want to add to my collection in 2012 let me know of your opinions on them!

Jeffrey Campbell 'Spike' Litas
I think nearly every girl in this world wants or already has a pair of JC Litas! They're are absolutely gorgeous! When I came across these babies, my jaw dropped, like literally! The spikes are what do it for me to be honest and I think these will go with almost anything in my wardrobe. Would look great on a night out and with a causal outfit in the day.

 Givenchy Rubber Rain Boots
I do not own a pair of long black boots and these have ben on my wishlist for a very long time. I finally had the opportunity to order them yesteday and will hopefully get it in the new year lol. I think they look very cheek for rain boots to be honest, I could see myself wearing them as everyday boots because the material almost looks like leather.

Dr Martens
These shoes have grown to be so popular now. I own a pair in patent white and I don't where it as much as I should! I really like black shoes as you guys may have noticed by now lol ^_^. So yeah, I want a pair of  DM boots in either Matte Black or in the Matte Cherry Red. I really love the Matte finish DMs.

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  1. I am really loving on your blog!!

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