Versace for H&M!

November 17, 2011

I am so glad that I brought at least one thing from this new collection! I would say I prefer the men's collection to the women's as they items are more suttle looking! I was looking to get the black and white patterened long sleeve shirt with the gold detail on the colour from the men's section but ende up buying the t shirt instead! It was £14.99.

So I went to the H&M in Westfield Stratford City and got there for 8am, the store would open at 9am. I chilled in McDonalds until 8.50. It turned out I was on the wrong floor of where the collection was based in H&M =/ so I got to the right floor and a crowd of people were in front of the shop. There wasn't too many people thankfully! The security guards let us in and the MEN made a fast dash. I walked lol. When I got to the tiny section for men, there was were two men on the floor, guys pushing each other and woman trying grab anything here and there. I spotted the tshirt I wanted, there were 4 left, I quickly grabbed one and it was in a size small, great stuffs :D 
I looked back to see the rest were gone in like seconds! A woman came up to me and told to quickly pay for it before someone grabs it off of me! I made a dash to cash desk, paid and left all this was done in 5 minutes :)

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  1. I like that shirt, I forgot all about it debuting today.

  2. that's a great top can't wait to see how you style it


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