New In ... Ft. Michael Kors!

November 10, 2011

Just one item of clothing! Horray!! So here are a few pieces of jewellery I have recently purchased. I have been wanting the Michael Kors piece for too long and I finally got a chance to buy it!


Diamond Shaped Earrings - Primark - £1.50
Various Coloured Bracelets - H&M - £1.99 each
Cross Earrings - Topshop - £4
The Cutest Ring Everrrrrrr (Cat Ears) - - £3-4
Cross Tee - - £13 (They do many other prints on tshirts, I'm defo buying from them again! I would say this is a cheaper alternative to the 'Urban Outfitters Leopard Print Cross Tee)

Last but not least ....
Michael Kors MK5055 Gold Watch - ASOS
ASOS were really being kind to us students by giving us 25% off everything (excluding sale/promotion items) & so I took the opportunity to buy the watch. The original price is a scary £199 but then with the discount it came to £149 which isn't too bad at all to be honest! £50 off. I knew I would most probably never get this watch for this price again and went for it.

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  1. I like the diamond shaped earrings.

  2. Ah so jelous of your watch! Why didn't I hear about that 25%? Probably did and forgot about it... damn. Happy for you though! Nice purchases!

    London Last Night

  3. Fabb buys babes

    I think I have this M.K watch, is it the rose gold? Great buy thoses watches are gorgeous and go with everything. I've had lots of compliments.

    T-shirt is amaze too xxxxx

  4. Fab buys.. Love the watch and the bracelets from hm & the cross earrings from toppers.

    Check out my blog here @ hothappenings

  5. Ahh, I die at that watch. Great buy :) xx

  6. That is my dream watch! Love chunky gold watches! All the other jewelry is so nice too! xx


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