OOTD Twenty Two ...

October 19, 2011

What are you wearing?
Leather Jacket - Matalan
Jumper - Primark
Jeans - Primark
Chelsea Boots - H&M
Clutch - Ebay

This is the outfit I finally decided to wear to Katy Perry's Concert on Saturday the 15th October. I must say she can put up a GREAT show she was amazing!!! I took my little sister with me and she very much enjoyed the experience (her first ever concert, awww) It was quite chilly on the day so I did my best with a bit of layering! Hope you guys like my outfit! :)

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  1. casual yet mature chic me likey this ootd

  2. Gorgeous look! Would love to go to uni like that tomorrow!

    London Last Night

  3. Love the look! You're so stylish Remi :-)

  4. LOVING this outfit but still mega jel of your matalan find- this just would NOT happen to me evs.

    That jumper is gorgeous as well you little hottie


  5. Sounds like so much fun! I always admire your style and you are an expert at layering!

  6. Just came across your blog and I have to say that I adore your style. All of your outfits are beautifully put together and all so accessible! You make New Look, Matalan and H&M look amazing!


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