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October 27, 2011

I've started to ease my shopping addiction a little and have brought this little amount in the last 2 weeks which is surprising to me to be honest! I would have had a lot more to show if I wasn't thinking straight haha!

As you guys may know Topshop are having a sale as didn't really see anything I liked clothing wise but when there is a Topshop sale I run to the jewellery section because I always find great buys! However 2 out of the 3 items I brought were full priced lol!
- Rusty Gold Ring, £2 (Half Price)
- Gold Cross Bracelet, £5
- Earrings, £4

My mum envies this Aztec kind of print jumper that I brought from H&M, it is quite pricey though and I brought it from the men’s department. £24.99

This bag is the best bag I have ever brought in my lifeeee and I mean it lol! I just love the contrasting textures and wearing with nearly anything kind of colours. I brought this from a site called Romwe (which I've raved about in post before). It reminds me of Celine bags. I brought this for a nifty £29! As i did get 20% off for being a new customer, and they do free shipping worldwide no matter how small your order. 

The last thing I brought I've been wearing A LOT. The grey jumper is from Primark and I love it. It was a heartbreaking £14 (if you shop in Primark you will understand) but I do love it, nice for layering as you've seen in my latest OOTD.

I hope you guys have a nice week! x

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  1. you really need to take me shopping with you- I love all your buys SPESH that bag its amazinggg and I needo that primark jumper!!


  2. love your shopping style. I actually have the same jumper as well, which my mom paid for... I didn't know it was from the mens section, i just found it on a rack in the Divided bit! haha, was a bit pricey but yeah, worth it :)

  3. I loooove the handbag...and only for $25?that's a great purchase!!

  4. I wish I could shop at Primark more often. How is the quality of their knits? I have a few pieces from there that I buy when on vacation, but I haven't tried their jumpers.

  5. Yes! The bag is the best purchase! Love it.


  6. wasn't sure if i could trust ordering from romwe but if it worked for you then i'm sure it should be fine for me.



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