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October 14, 2011

I told myslef that I would cut down on clothes shopping for the next few weeks and start saving a bit more, so that I'm ready for Christmas and Boxing Day! However, on Thursday , I had to make a trip to my local bank to sort some things out. As I was walking a woman handed me a leaflet, she was promoting Matalan's sale, they were having up to 75% reductions! I had to break my promise to myself and so, made a dash for Matalan which is 2 minutes away from my house. Here it is! ...

My mouth literally dropped when I came across faux leather jacket orignally priced at £32 reduced to £7 !!!! I've always wanted a fitted biker style leather jacket but I'm picky with them, but this one definitely tickled my fancy. 

The fact that this next jacket had a Barbour kind of look to it, made me want it. It is a wax material with courdroy elbow patches and collar. I brought this for ... wait for it ... £8!!! Reduced down from £30!!! I was deifnitely a happy bunny that day! :)

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  1. No effing way I love your bargains amaze.

    Need to get myself to matalan asap pahaha!


  2. WOW! Loving these two coats, I keep saying I need to get a new leather jacket and a Barbour style waxed coat for ages. I can't believe they were so cheap! I wish I found your blog earlier, there's a Matalan near me and I totally would have gone, but the sale finished today :(


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