The Big 100!

October 11, 2011

Wowwww! I started my blog in late July thinking "Would anyone like what my blog is all about?" It started off as a way of expressing myself and my love for fashion and now I'm doing more than that and inspiring other people who share the same interests as me. Now, I have 100+ lovely bloggers following me, who actually enjoy looking at and reading what I post, this has put me in a great mood! The speech *clears throat* ... I just want to thank everyone for taking time to visit and leave lovely comments on my blog I really appreciate it and hopefully you guys will continue reading my blog. It's all for you guys, to be inspired. Hello to my new followers/fellow bloggers *waves hand excitedly*!

I'd like to thank 4aces for featuring me on their blog as 'Fashionista of the week' it really means a lot! To have a look at that post click here and don't forget to visit their blog! a lovely fashion blog I really must say!
Lots of love ...
                                                                    Remi x

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