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OOTD Twelve & Haul

September 03, 2011

I took my mum out for the day to Kingston Upon Thames, and she really warmed up to the place as that is where I will be attending university. I really wanted to take some photographs of our outing but we were caught up in whirlwinds (not real ones!). I did a spot of shopping also (which is always expected from mwah) and found out that Primark is starting to really grow on me as the a/w clothing is great, lots of mustard  and burgundy colours, yum! Scrap all the designer wear, cheap highstreet fashion is where the party is at!! 



What are you wearing?
Tweed Blazer - H&M
Mustard Top - Primark
Jeggings - H&M
Mocassins - Primark
Backpack - Forever 21


From left ot right;

- I am a person who will buy one item in different colours (guilty), I loved my big red jumper so much that I brought the camel colour. I'm also thinking to get the knitted jumper in black and white to have to complete my collection. I'm so impressed with the design of this jumper and I am a sucker for them. They only cost  me £10 and it looks very Topshop-ish lol!

- I am in love with these super duper cute mocassins that I brought from Primark. They are of a chocloate brown colour and are super comfy, I brought these for bargain of £8. I'm still on a look for some brown loafers, as my fave topshop ones are starting to get tired lol. I've got my eye on a few from Topshop actually, I love their shoes, I'm also a sucker for shoes. I might have to show you guys my shoe collection one day!

- So in my last haul post, I showed you guys a nice camel colour blazer I brought from H&M, welllll.... I brought it black! *Hides face*. After seeing the black one on lookbook and bloggers' fashion blogs I had to get it. Such an expensive looking, statement piece to have in the wardrobe only for £24.99. I would say it slightly a jacket also as it is quite thick also. A great piece to rock with my androgynous looks

- I was suprised to see Primark selling these t-shirts as I brought an almost identical one from Topshop a month back! they come in various autumn like colours and only £4! I brought my Topshop t-shirt for a whopping £15 -__-. I dont anything in the suttle purple colour so it was worth getting.

- Lastly, I brought a tiny bag which I will use as a makeup bag from now and I will pop it into my bag. I love orange so it was only right that I brought this colour! It was £1.99

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  1. I love your style. & Blazers are my favorite! xoxo

  2. Omfg I love your blog! I'm definately following. That jacket looks great on you :)

  3. Good outfits!
    Im a blazer addict too ;;)


  4. What a great blazer, really love the pattern. And your loafers go great with the rest of your outfit, great!

    - Puck

  5. The blazer looks so good with the yellow and blue denim. Gorgeous, girly! i LOVE IT x

  6. Lovely outfit!

  7. Thanks for finding me, I loveee your blog.

    You are gorgeous and have fab style...mustard really suits you. I must invest in mustard myself I'm trying to embrace colour but its not happening I live in black!


  8. Amazing combination! Love yellow top


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