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Monday, September 19, 2011

So this is what I wore this Tuesday when I went to the opening of Westfield in Stratford city. I'm suprised it only took me and mum 30 minutes to get there by bus ( considering I was on the bus from its first stop to it's last)! I live in South East London and Westfield is situated in East London so ...
I had money to spend I brought three things -__-. It's when I'm broke I will find everything on this earth that I want but when I do have money, I find nada! Enough rambling, here's the outfit (I changed it up a bit after I got home as it was getting chilly and I had somewhere else I had to zoom off to!)

What are you wearing?
Stole - H&M
Leopard Top - Forever 21
Cardigan - H&M
Jeans - Primark
Boots - Primark

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  1. Love the look! Totally agree with you with the shopping! I was in Westfield on Saturday (ridiculously crowded place btw) and I could have bought 100 things in F21 alone! :(

    London Last Night

  2. wow i love your style! x


  3. I love the stole! Great outfit!

    Carmen Ri.

  4. Love the outfit!!

  5. I literally looked at this outfit and my mouth dropped. You're very photogenic and i love how effortless your style is.. Lovely blog also!


  6. Great presentation you made! :)


  7. i can't believe those jeans are primark!!! they look SO good on you! loving the whole look! x


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