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My Must Haves

September 06, 2011

There are a few things I would say every girl needs or should have in their wardrobe, but you don't have to! These staple pieces are items of clothing, accessories etc, that are very versatile and can compliment nearly any look you may be going for! Let's get on with it then! :)

A black blazer can honestly go with anything, from fitted, to loose boyfriend fit they work well with a lot! A black blazer you can wear to work, on a night out, on casual day just depending on how you wear it. I am an obsessed blazer lover (if you want to see my collection let me know lol!). From black blazers you can then broaden your horizon by trying different colours as they definitely make an outfit! (First 3 Blazers - Topshop, Dark Red Blazer - River Island)

I also have too many of these in my wardrobe, I'm able to dress them up for a good night out and dress them down for a casual day out. Wearing a white shirt will usually have people asking you whether you're off to work when you're not lol. it doesn't have to be that way if you add jeans to them or bright coloured trousers rather than black. I adore sheer shirts, they were  great to wear in summer seeing as they are so thin. Shirts with blazers are definitely trending this autumn/winter. I wear then all year round *hides faces*. (All shirts from Topshop)

ALL the jeans I own are skinnies! I love the mid-blue coloured jeans, I honestly slightly dislike dark wash jeans as I find them hard to wear with other things in my wardrobe weird enough. It's nice to have different coloured jeans to wear in the summer and winter time such as the regular blue jeans, burgundy, forest green, camel & black. I know some people may not like skinny jeans, there is always straight cut and bootcut in these colours :) (All jeans from Topshop)

Mostly all my flats are loafers! You can get them in slipper style, fringed style etc. I would say that Topshop sell the best kind of loafers ever!

I don't any of these pictures :)

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  1. nice post!

  2. they were made for your ! =)

    xxx from France


  3. Looking through your blog is bad for me as I WANT EVERYTHING you wear! You know what, Remi! I think you're right.... I'm going to wear one of those miss Selfridge heels. A very good starting point. I'm going to wear them for you! Look out for me next weekend, the girl in the platform heels. xxxxx


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