The LOOK Magazine Lounge!

September 13, 2011

Hey guys! I'm blogging live from The LOOK magazine's Lounge it's well cool in here! It feels quite cool blogging on one of the Look computers :D! The decorations in the lounge and really nice all I see is Look lol! So we have the lovely Look staff working hard on their articles for the website. My mum is sitting on the sofa enjoying a copy of this week's Look mag ha-ha, bless her! I feel kind of privileged to be here right now because people passing by are stopping and staring through the windows as I type!

The Look Lounge is situated on the ground floor of the NEW Westfield Shopping Centre that just opened today in Stratford City! this place is like another planet, there is no way me and mum could visit all the shops we want to visit. I guess I'll leave postpone my shopping trip until after the LookShow on Saturday 17th!

Westfield is already overwhelming! I've sipped champagne in TM Lewin, been given a free iphone4 case and hugeeeeeeeeee shopping bag (which I've already used to knock a few people out by accident, oops!)  from Vero Moda. They also gave me and mum a bottle of 'cranberry' juice, more like 'killberry' juice, it was vile ha-ha, and it slightly killed me inside!

The beautiful Nicole Scherzinger also performed a few of her songs on stage in the centre and she was amazing!

Have I said the Look Lounge looks awesome?! Here are a few pics I've snapped here! I guess on the day of the LookShow, the lounge will be ram-packed with cool bloggers! Anyway, ciao for now guys look out for my post posts on the Look show soon! 

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